Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. First off, I salute all the troops for fighting for our country and freedom. My father was a LT. Commander in the Navy and fought bravely in The Battle of Leyte Gulf. His ship was bombed and he was able to get his crew out to safety. If not, I wouldn’t be here today. I love you and miss you, Dad!

Second of all, its the start of summer! After a long cold winter, I look forward to the days of summer. Of course, I try not to think of the Texas 100 plus degrees that will soon come.

It’s a three day weekend and fortunately, we have been blessed with friends who have invited us to pool parties and BBQ’s. We have been emailing or messaging on Facebook most of the winter, so it’s good to see them in person.

It’s also time for my brain to take a breather from my writing. On Thursday and Friday, my characters in my current book are not talking to me. Friday, I just sat and stared at a blank page with my hands poised over the keyboard. Nothing! You know what it is? I think they started the holiday early and didn’t tell me about it! They better come back to work on Tuesday or there will be some words!