On Monday, I submitted my next manuscript, Not Just an Act to my editor/publisher. There are some transitions going on there and I hope who ever reads it, likes it! I’m saying my prayers! I can’t thank them enough for believing in me and all of their help with my writing career!

I started to plot and research for my next sports romance and it has to do with the world of golf, which I know very well. My husband’s mistress is golf. I can’t play as well as he, and get very discouraged by some of the courses he chooses to play on. They are way too hard for me! Not to mention my run ins with wildlife such as snakes, alligators and water in general. I have relegated my role to driving the cart and handing out positive suggestions.

However, to become a professional golfer, there’s a lot of work involved. The more I read up on it, the more I admire these athletes. At the Golf Galaxy in Grapevine, TX, I had a chance to meet young LPGA golfer, Lexi Thompson. What a composed, older than her years, 19 year old woman. I asked her questions which she dutifully answered. She has been on the circuit since she was then years old. Amazing!