Don’t laugh, but I still use AOL for my email. I’ve been using it since it first came out and saw no reason to stop. We have Verizon Fios here in Texas and during the first year we lived here, didn’t think anything about it until we noticed an increase in our AOL bill. We were still paying for the dialup. Duh! So, I cancelled the service but bought my screen name for life. My husband has his computer all set up with AOL connections to his sports and whatever else he does and his screen name is grandfathered into mine.

Monday, when I signed on for the morning, I noticed I had 26 items in my spam folder. It was all undelivered mail. I didn’t think anything about it until my friends started to email and call me saying they were getting spam mail from me. Huh?

Husband comes home from work with a packet they’ve received telling all employees to change their password because of spamming. Aha! Something is going on. I hate changing passwords even though I know I should. Now they are accepting special characters making it more creative. When I finally got the ‘brilliant’ message from AOL, I felt like I had won an Oscar! Then, watching the noon news, the story came on about AOL being hacked and advising everyone to change their password. AOL was currently working on the problem! Don’t you just love technology?

The good news is I finished reviewing my completed manuscript for my next book, tentatively called Not Just an Act. It’s another romantic comedy which I know you will love. I have yet to finish the blurb to submit to my publisher which I plan on doing very soon. I pray they like it as well!