First off, I just want to say thank you to all of you who commented on my last blog! Yes, we need to weed out dishonest auto repair businesses! One step at a time.

Last week, I tried really hard to get away from the Internet to devote time to my next book so I can submit it to my editor. On Monday, I devoted at least ten hours of writing and rereading and felt on track. Life got in the way on Tuesday through Thursday and then I spent more time on Friday. Hopefully, I will be done soon so I can start on my next one!

I did try the library, but it is not at all quiet like it was when we were growing up. Our library is small but functional. It has tables where you can sit and work quietly on whatever you’re doing as well as tables where people can hold tutoring sessions. Within the area of tables, there are sitting areas of stuffed chairs and love seats. This area is surrounded by shelves of magazines.

Then off, to the left, is the children and young adults sections where they have a similar set up along with a huge fish tank where children love to watch the colorful fish.

Then, there are rows of computers, where people can access the Internet to do whatever they want. As I said, very accommodating.

There is also a huge auditorium where story telling for the little ones is held as well as scheduled classes and meetings. Very nice.

So why do the mother’s bring in their little ones, who scream from the minute they enter the building? Not only that, they don’t discipline them at all? They ignore them. They let them run up and down the aisles unattended. They also bring these children into the adult section where people are working, so that mom can check out a magazine while the poor little guys are bored out of their minds?

Let’s not forget the mothers who bring in infants to the adult section to sit on the stuffed chairs so they can breast feed? I am not against breast feeding at all since I did it for my daughter, it’s just that the library does have other places to accommodate these mothers.

The staff is not encouraged to discipline any of these women. They fear the public will stop using the library, so this behavior is tolerated. Sad state of affairs for our future.

I have invested in some really good earplugs!!!