When I got home from vacation, I felt refreshed and ready to write. I want to finish the manuscript I’m currently working on and begin a new one I came up with while my mind was at rest.

No such luck. I spent Monday morning writing. That was it for the day. All of a sudden, I had errands saddled on me from  members of my family. Come Tuesday, I had to take my husband’s car into the repair shop to find out which light was causing the message; ‘Lamp Defective’ because we sure couldn’t see it. Then I had to run it over to get the state inspection which is due before the end of the month.

Oh, did I mention the trip to Lowes to get the part for our toilet that happened to break down Tuesday morning? My husband made me take a picture of it with my phone so I would know which part to get. Really?

Or the incessant phone calls from my husband about the status of his car…which light was it that caused the error message and did the car pass inspection?

My daughter complaining about the loose bolt on the passenger door of her car causing a popping sound? When is a good time for us to get it fixed with our work schedule? Until the door falls off, not happening soon…

What about my car where the CD player is not being recognized? At least the radio works! Did a gremlin enter our garage while we were away and sabotage all three cars?

I forgot to mention the handle on the suitcase being broken and finding a Samsonite store close by to do the repairs because my husband has a business trip coming up and he needs this particular suitcase.

All three home printers needed ink and let’s not forget grocery shopping…

Dear God! Please let this next week be better!