Welcome! I am back from a very relaxing week in Orlando, FL! We had a great time and picked the best week to be there. It only rained on St. Patrick’s day which was fine by us.

Thanks to our cousin Mark, we discovered a unique part of the city called Winter Park. I would highly recommend it as a buffer to all of the Disney fanfare. (No, I am not knocking Disney!)

We ended up the day in downtown Orlando at an Irish pub and had a wonderful time!

The rest of the week was perfect weather! We took in Universal, Epcot; played golf, swam and I read like crazy!

The only complaint I had was with Universal’s Harry Potter exhibit which was way too crowded. We spent five hours there and didn’t accomplish that much because to wait in line for over an hour was the norm. It was a three hour wait for Butter Beer (which I didn’t taste) and then a two hour wait for the wand store. There is so much to see and do there, I felt guilty waiting and waiting for a 45 second ride or exhibit.

Now I’m back to work and catching up on errands and fine tuning my next book so I can submit it!

I want to wish everyone a great day and a great upcoming week!