For the last couple of months, I have been working on my next book tentatively titled, Not Just an Act. The thing is, I’ve hit a wall. I need to liven the characters up and create more cohesiveness to the plot. I’ve spent hours writing and then after I look at it the next day, I am not at all pleased.

What I’ve done, is to put it down for a while. I am taking a week, to do nothing but read. Usually that helps but I have to chuckle. Now that I’ve put out three books and have gone through some pretty intense editing, I’m very aware of certain things such as head hopping; passive voice, repeating phrases, etc. I’ve gone through three books now in three days and I find myself saying; ‘my editors would have corrected that or I’m lost in the head hopping.

I guess it makes me feel that I am not alone in making writing mistakes. I just want to be a better writer and make my characters come alive with passion and the plot to be addictive so the reader cannot put the book down. (Darn, I just repeated myself!!!)