That’s right! On January 31, Flag on the Play will be released! I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun writing about it! It is a romantic comedy about the NFL. It is a work of fiction and I made sure not to offend anyone’s teams.

We have had beautiful weather for the weekend! It is to be in the 70’s today. Unfortunately, overnight the temps will drop dramatically as a cold front moves through. That’s one of things I like about Texas weather; it doesn’t last long. Just wait a couple of days and it will change.

Since I complained about not having enough time to write, my family left me alone yesterday. Yup! They actually went out and ran errands without me. I sat down at my laptop with my fingers over the keyboard waiting for some divine inspiration and nada. My mind was a total blank.

Even last night, I didn’t dream which is highly unusual for me. I decided to treat myself to a movie to get my creative juices flowing. I might go for a walk too.  Maybe I will see something to trigger my imagination.