It’s getting close! Date is 1/31/14! I received my Copy Edits last Monday which turned out perfectly. I had to have my very first colonoscopy on Wednesday, so I locked myself in a room on Tuesday and finished up the edits. I could still smell the French fries that my husband bought for lunch though. Me and my popsicles and jello while he eats French fries. Not fair!!!

Because I am my mother’s daughter, I thought I better send the completed edits into the editor just in case I didn’t make it through this surgery so that my poor daughter and husband wouldn’t have to go through my files on my laptop…..

I did make it through the surgery and they found and removed four polyps. I think now I might have to have this done often rather than wait another ten years. At least I lost some weight!

Friday, I received the final draft for the book. This is where it goes from Word to a PDF format. It is a saved document so I can’t make changes. I have to make a list of the changes to give to my editor. This is due back on Tuesday morning.

I’m done looking but now I have to create an Excel worksheet for them. Right now, I’m taking a break because of eye strain!