I would have to say, it was a pretty good week. I got a lot accomplished that I had hoped to complete. But I have the dreaded first colonoscopy scheduled for Wednesday this coming week and being a somewhat healthy person, other than my SVT, I just dread it.

You see, it’s not the actual surgery I’m anxious about, it’s all about the prep. For those who know me, I am not a big eater. Sometimes, I forget to eat, but when I am hungry, I’m starved! I love my fruit, nuts, tortilla shells, and muffins. Oh, I can’t forget about my cheese either! I wonder if you see the drift where I’m going? I can’t have any of that on Tuesday. All I can have is popsicles, jello, broth, clear liquids…I’m gonna starve! Granted, it’s only for twenty-four hours, but still.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. We did lots of errands, trying to get my mind off of this procedure. It was so nice yesterday, I even went for a two hour power walk, hoping to work out my anxieties. But where did that land me? In the ER with a heart rate of 200 beats a minute. I had taken my medication early to stave off the attack but after about forty-five minutes at that rate, I broke down and went to the ER. I registered in at that rate but when the doctor came in, I was down to 86. The medication had finally kicked in. I haven’t had an attack in quite a while, so I know what caused it.

My husband said he doesn’t want a birthday like that again! I told him as long as I don’t have to go thru this again, it’s a deal!!