What a great New Years! Family came down from Illinois and we had really nice weather in Dallas. They didn’t want to leave because of the cold snowy weather they were going home to face.

I got to show them what really goes into writing a book; the edits and selecting of the cover art (which I have to say for LazyDay Pub is tops!!) I think as readers and teachers, they have more support of the hard work that’s involved.

We finally made it to Fort Worth to see the Stockyards and the worlds largest Honky Tonk, Billy Bob’s. That was fun. It’s only been four years that we’ve lived here and it took company to go there.

They introduced us to a game called Apples to Apples. I have never laughed as hard in my life! We must have played for hours. I can see the more people you have play, the more fun it is.

The other thing we got a chuckle from is how many rolls of toilet paper we went through in 4 days. Five people and almost 6 rolls of it. I think it’s because we ate and drank a little too much but it was kind of funny to see how many rolls were lined up on the counter to go out to the recycle bin!

Starting tomorrow, we are back to normal. At least we had fun while it lasted!

Happy New Year and may God bless!