Wishing all a very happy New Year! Christmas was pretty awesome. We had a quiet time and then were invited to our neighbors for their Christmas dinner. Almeda is from the Philippines and served a traditional dinner of her country. Very tasty and she worked very hard on the preparation. We brought chocolate chip cookies and all I can say, cookies cross all international lines. They were gone immediately!

Now, we are awaiting the arrival of my sister-in-law and her husband. They will only be here for four days, so we want to make sure all the days are accounted for. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen them.

I thought we had it bad when our ice storm hit a couple of weeks ago, but my sister in Toronto has had it worse. They had no power for a week. They live in an older area of Toronto and have huge old trees. The ice did major damage to power lines as well as their trees. They have been staying at my nephew’s apartment while he is on vacation in California. The hard part is the pets. nTombe is a 15 year old Blue Kerry Terrier who suffers memory loss and Emily Jane is a kitten. Without their usual surrounding, there has been lots of ‘accident’s in the apartment.

My book. Flag on the Play, due out 1/31 is hitting close to home. It’s very eerie that what I wrote about last year, is actually happening….