First off, I want to thank the angel who found my lost cell phone and turned it into the Lost and Found at our local mall. They could’ve kept it because it is a newer iPhone and tried to sell it. Even though we think only evil exists, it is not true. There are good people out there which we need to hear more about. We only get the negative press.

I also want to thank this person because losing my cell phone, got my mojo working again. I couldn’t sleep a wink and the new book I’ve been working on, I’ve had a writer’s block. That sleepless night, my characters came to life. I wrote everything down in an outline and am ready to rock and roll.

Of course, I spent most of yesterday hugging my phone after I picked it up. I think I must have checked it at least thirty times just to reassure myself that it really came back to me. Today, I am more sensible and business like and will resume normal human relations.

This time of year, I try to exercise caution because everyone around me is in a hurry and not thinking. On Friday morning, I went jogging with my daughter because the weather was balmy and I’ve grown tired of my treadmill. People were speeding down the road and a couple of times, I feared for my life as these big ole pick up trucks came barreling down the city streets. I was kind of afraid that one of them would jump the curb and hit me.

On our way back, there was a five car accident at the intersection by our subdivision. You wonder why, because the roads were dry but it was due to speed and texting. An SUV sped thru the intersection and was t-boned, throwing the SUV head on into cars waiting in the turn lane, bounced back into a local business parking lot. In the meantime, two other cars crashed into each other trying to avoid this SUV. It was like watching a horror movie in slow motion.

I want to tell everyone to slow down and enjoy each minute as it is. It’s really worth it!