I try to be a very organized person. I have ‘to do’ lists every day that I follow religiously. I map out my day almost to the minute such as; from 7 – 9, I work out. Shower, read, do laundry, work, write and then run errands. Why do things go wrong???

When I go to the grocery store, I have another list of items that I need to get. Sometimes, even though I’ve written it down, I will forget to pick up something but I attribute it to forgetfulness and sticking to my alleged time table.

My pet peeve when I go shopping is the lackadaisical people who just lounge through the store, yakking on their cell phones right in front of the item(s) that I need. Then they get to the check out line only to rearrange their items on the belt while the cashier is ringing it up. Really? As a cashier, they know their stuff. A lot of times, they arrange things because of bagging. You know, trying to get all the cereal¬† boxes lined up; getting produce in the same bag; chips, bread, eggs… So, I’ve had my items on the belt; this lady in front of me has rearranged everything and oh? She forgot to inform the cashier that she’s an employee and needs her employee discount. The cashier asks for her card? Oh? Do I need a card? I do know my employee number, won’t that help? The cashier doesn’t know how to do this without the card…let’s call a supervisor. Oh? The supervisor is on break? I lost my patience. I suggest to the two of them for this ’employee’ to go to the Customer Service desk to get her discount. No, that’s not the way things are done. Forty five minutes later, I finally leave the store.

Let’s also mention that I really couldn’t finish my shopping because of the ice storm, the store’s shelves are empty. Now, I have to go to another store that I know is pretty well stocked but the prices are little bit higher. Not so fast…there is an accident closing both sides of the road due to icy roads (yes, 7 days after the storm). How do I get there? All back roads and another thirty minutes longer.

I come home, eat my lunch and now have to go to the post office. I’ve mailed out all of my Christmas cards and now, on the 11th, I will mail my packages to ensure that they will arrive in time. Two hundred other people have decided to do the same thing. Another forty minutes later, it is now three in the afternoon. But to me, it was five o’clock somewhere, right? That drink went down smoothly!