When we moved to Texas four years ago, I was really excited. You see, I had had it with cold weather and snow. I looked forward to sunshine, hot summers and mild winters. Imagine my disappointment when the first year we lived here, we had thirteen inches of snow in one day. Granted it melted the next day, but I know for a fact, that I was the only one who didn’t have a snowman in my yard. (We still have our snow shovels and I used them to clear out the driveway.)

You see, Dallas doesn’t have snowplows. They don’t use salt, they use sand trucks. Needless to say, those trucks don’t even come close to the town I live in.

I forgot to mention the first Christmas here, we had a small ice storm. Our neighbor tried to thaw out his frozen pipes and ended up setting his house on fire. It took four neighboring communities fire department to reach us because the roads were a solid sheet of ice and the trucks could not negotiate the roads. The house burned down to the ground.

Then let’s not forget the fiasco of the Super Bowl held in Dallas. The weather was snow and ice, crippling the roads for days. After that, the city of Dallas did purchase some snow plows.

Question is. where are they now? We have been stranded now for four days in a deep freeze. Those brave enough to venture out have found that the food stores are empty. Roads are impassable. I can hardly walk outside without falling down.

The good news is that I was able to turn in my edits earlier than normal for Flag on the Play due out 1/31/14. I figured I’d better get them done while I still had power.

I guess these experiences have made me a stronger person. But I can’t complain. Welcome to Texas!