3FlagOnThePlay_SliderImgI hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving! We did. This year, it was only the three of us which was fine.

After a scary morning with me getting dizzy, I slowly bounced back and was able to help put up the Christmas decorations. I am not a sickly person at all, so for this to happen to me was really frightening. My blood sugar had dropped to 71 and I don’t know why. My husband is a borderline diabetic and he has the sugar test device which enabled me to take my blood sugar count. I have a call to the doctor on my to do list for Monday.

I did get my second round of edits on the 25th and they are due back on 12/9. I have already gone through them the first time, mulling things over. I took Thursday and Friday off but worked on them again. I really appreciate everything the editor is saying and the suggestions she has are great. I need to work on my too many dialogue tags which does take some thought. I want the conversation to run smoothly so the reader doesn’t get confused. When I write, I really get into the story and my fingers fly over the keyboard. It does help when another set of eyes looks at what I’ve done.

Weather finally warmed up but will get cold again this coming Friday. Last year, we wore shorts putting up the outside decorations. This year, we had to wear jeans and a light jacket. I think we are in for a cooler than normal winter. Bummer! After living up north for so many years, I really liked the mild winters here. Oh well. Live and learn.