Crazy weather! Went from our first freeze on Tuesday to a balmy weekend with summer like temps. What does that mean? It meant yard work. One last mow; pulling the dead annual plants and cleaning the gardens for winter. I can barely move today. Ugh. And to think I work out too! I shouldn’t be this sore. I used muscles that I never knew I had!

Also, this week, I mailed out my Christmas cards. I am known for being the first Christmas card that is received. It has become a tradition. I used to mail them the Wednesday before Thanksgiving while I lived in PA. Now in Dallas, the card to PA takes at least three days, so I try to plan it that way.

Why did I mail them out so early this year? I am not sure when my next set of edits are coming for Flag on the Play,¬†which is why. I did my mail merge (the best thing since sliced bread!), printed out all of my labels and put them on the cards. I still write in all of my cards and sign them. I planned on doing maybe ten a day which turned into thirty and before I knew it, I was done. I went to the post office and bought the stamps and while watching the news, I stamped them all. The pile (160) sat on the counter and I said what the heck? I might as well mail them. I think maybe I’m OCD?