It has been a fabulous week! As I stated in my last blog, I had received the first set of edits of my third book, Flag on the Play. They are due back on 11/7. I worked on them all weekend because, for my significant birthday, my husband bought me a week’s vacation to Maui! I didn’t want to take the edits with me on vacation because I thought, I’m on vacation! I want to enjoy! I will have 2 days to work on them when I get back.

But me, being me, did bring them with me and surprisingly, I’m glad I did! After two days of relaxation, I took a whole morning and worked on them with a fresh outlook. I finished them and sent them home. Now, I will have time to take a second look at them before I submit them back to the editor.

Maui is awesome! This is the second time I’ve been here and it’s just as beautiful. We’ve gone on a Sunset Cruise and attended a Luau. Met some really nice people and some not so nice people. But with the not so nice people, we know we’ll never see them again. The others have all exchanged email addresses.

Rode along with my husband while he played golf and I got some awesome photos. It did rain, but at least it’s a warm rain.

Also, there was a shark attack on a surfer the other day, so they closed the beaches for that morning. I will walk along the beach, maybe stick my toes in, but the pool does look inviting!

There is a huge Mardi Gras festival here on Halloween night. It’s located on Front Street and over 35,000 people attend. We went the day before and people were already decked out in their costumes. We ate at the Hard Rock Café and our waiter Solo, dressed and looked like Johnny Depp. He was a trip! I don’t do crowds well since I’m so short, so we skipped the festival and had a lovely dinner on the beach up north. Nut crusted, fresh Mahi-Mahi served with caramel sauce. To die for!

Now it’s pool time to work off everything I’ve eaten!