My first round of edits arrived this Thursday for Flag on the Play. I have a lot of work to do on the sentence structure. Augh!

So this week brings Halloween, my birthday and a surprise present from my husband. I wonder what it is? It is one of my significant birthdays, so knowing him, it will be spectacular.

Also, we learned of good news! We are having company over the holidays! I love to entertain and be with people, so I’m looking forward to it.

I think I’m getting more impatient as I get older. I wonder why that is? This past week, my car had problems and on the same day, I found out one of the pumps went out in the pool. For those of you are ever thinking of getting a pool, don’t. When we moved down here, that was a requirement for our house even though the realtor warned us against it. I should’ve listened to her. But the reason, I’m telling you this, is because of the difference companies choose to treat their customers.

Pool company. I pay them to do weekly cleaning in the summer and then during off season just a twice a month cleaning. That is just the ‘cleaning crew’.However, their “technicians” love to sock it to the customer. So far, this year alone, I’ve needed a new board; a new pump for the Polaris, clean the filter and the salt cell. When I went to ‘pool school’, I was taught when you clean the filters, that includes cleaning the salt cell. Well, not this company. They charge you extra to come out to clean it. Then I had an honest tech come out to say that a pump didn’t need to be replaced, it had a loose bolt. It saved me three hundred dollars.

So, when I called about the waterfall not working; the guy comes out while I’m not home and then leaves me a voice mail telling me the entire thing has to be replaced to the tune of six hundred dollars. What?

Car. I no longer deal with the dealership done here. They rip you off big time. I have found an honest repair shop, who doesn’t push unnecessary items on you and treats you with a smile. My anti brake system wasn’t working and the light on the dashboard kept going on like the car was in skid mode. The young mechanic figured out that a new switch, $140 would do the trick. The worst case scenario would be to go to the dealer and get the module ($1800) to fix the problem. He installed the switch but it still didn’t work. Before ordering the module, he had an idea to unplug the battery and then plug it back in to see if that would offset the switch. It worked and saved me tons of money. Why can’t the pool company be like that?

I have learned here in Texas that businesses can get away with that. Ma’am? That will be one thousand dollars. I am supposed to say, okay and pay it. Not if I can help it!!!!