Congrats to my friend Barbara on her blog post milestone!  Way to go!

I am excited! Work has begun on my next book, Flag on the Play, due out 1/31/2014. It is a Romantic Comedy about the NFL, so it’s release it right before Superbowl 2/2/2014!

I had to complete the housekeeping items for a book being published; Bio, dedication, blurb and cover art questions. I have been so pleased with the artwork on my previous works, that I just can’t say enough about the artists. Tremendous! Also to the editors for their patience with me. Thank you so much!

I also went to the Texas State Fair and had a fantastic time. Granted, it turned out to be a long day but it was worth it.

Tuesday, I attended the October meeting of the Women of Flower Mound where Michaels’ staff taught us how make a wreath out of burlap and paper. I am not at all crafty even though that’s my husband’s line of business. When I make something, it looks like a two year old made it.

I think the weather here has decided to cool down. We are only at 74 degrees but that muggy factor from the Gulf is still hanging around. One of these days, it might feel like autumn

Wishing all of you a great day!