It finally feels like autumn in Dallas! We had a cold front move through the area yesterday where the temps dropped from 76 to 52. Actually had to use the heat last night and this morning. I guess it’s time to get those pumpkins! Somehow pumpkins and 90 degree temps don’t jive with me!

Going to the State Fair this week. I am not a fried food eater, so when I moved down here and all the buzz in the papers and news, were the fried concoctions of the State Fair; I tell you, I had my doubts. I got brave and tried some and they were actually really good. I figure one day is not going to kill me and if it does, at least I will die happy. In preparation, I have been eating lots of fish and vegetables all week so I won’t feel guilty.

I share all kinds of books with my family and friends. I love all genres and read quite a bit. My brother in law is a huge political mystery/thriller fan and has sent me Vince Flynn (rip), Brad Thor and Tom Clancy. I am all caught up to date with the exception of Tom Clancy. I have yet to read his last four. With his passing, I will begin to read them this week.

I actually met Tom Clancy at an author signing at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, PA. He along with General Fred Franks Jr. signed two copies of Into the Storm for me. The General was really funny and listened to me talk about my dad’s career in the Navy. Good times. So sad to have great story tellers silenced.