Big news for me is that I got a new smart phone. It’s not the latest but when it comes to smart phones, the easier it is for me, the better. I think I’ve been to the phone store twice now in the two days that I’ve had it to figure out how to do something! Now I know to not only check my aol account but to also check my gmail account. Duh!

I wrote a lot this week which is a good thing, since I didn’t get a chance to write all weekend. We had out of town company and had a blast!

Now is the hard part of getting the house back together, washing sheets and towels and vacuuming. How could 4 people make such a mess? If my mother in law came for a visit, I would fail her white glove test, that’s for sure!  What I’d really like to do is to crawl into bed and not wake up until tomorrow. Don’t see that happening. Darn!

One last comment…why do all my favorite NFL teams lose? Argh!!! I swear the games are fixed!