I can’t believe it’s fall already! Where has the time gone? I’ve been busy doing a lot of writing along with working and running errands. Dallas FINALLY had rain on Thursday night into Friday. It was the good kind; gentle and soaking for our lawns and lakes. It’s even cool outside, in the low 60’s and only climbing to the mid 80’s. The only thing I will miss is my swimming. I try to go at least once a day, to clear my head. I tried Thursday before the rain started and let me tell you, I was out of the pool so fast, I saw stars. Maybe I’ll invest in a wet suit.

I am getting a new smart phone, but not by choice. I love the phone I’ve had since 2011. It’s like a comfortable old shoe. We get along and we speak the same language. Until recently. I only use my phone to text, check my emails and Facebook. The other day, I turned on my phone only to get the error message that I have to resign in to access my emails. I do only to get the message that my login failed. Okay….I grab my car keys and drive to the Verizon store. I am there for an hour with three employees who can’t fix the problem. They apologize and give me the tech support number they use when they can’t solve a problem.

I wait until Friday to call because of my schedule. I am on the phone with tech support for forty-five minutes until they realize that Verizon no longer supports the software of my email programs on my phone. Since I am a loyal Verizon customer I am eligible for an upgrade. I picked the iPhone 4s for FREE! because the iPhone 5 is here. Also, it’s the same one my husband has and we can share accessories. I think my next blog might be about frustrations with a learning curve of a new phone. Or maybe not. It could be something more interesting….Have a great day!