I submitted my third book to my editor this Monday. I hope they like it! I’ve been working on it for a couple of months when it suddenly all came together. I had been reworking on one of the first books I wrote but it came to a standstill and this third book popped right out of my head and took over.

We have been living in Texas a little over four years now and I’m pretty comfortable here, even with the heat. The thought of moving again is a little too soon for me. So yesterday, my husband decided that we should downsize to a smaller home. I told him I’m not ready to just yet. Maybe in about five years but not now. He insists we are getting too old. I told him I don’t feel old and he insists we are.

So, I looked at our house. When we sold our house in Pennsylvania, we were able to get a good price and when we looked at houses here in Texas, we got a lot of house for the money. We have been able to fill every room with furniture but I do admit, the two rooms we rarely use are the dining room and the living room. We have two spare bedrooms for company which comes in handy. I use one bedroom as a study for my writing and my husband has his man cave. I have a lot of treasures from my parents lovingly displayed through out the house. What would I get rid of? What would I keep?

So in the Parade magazine of the Sunday paper, there is an article about this very subject.  This couple has decided to downsize. The husband has a doctor’s scale from his father who was a doctor and the wife has boxes and boxes of cards and artworks from her children. They decided they just can’t give it up.

My parents had a house filled with over three thousand clocks and junk like you wouldn’t believe. It was a nightmare trying to clean out the house when they died. We all swore that we would never subject our children to that. But my house doesn’t have that kind of stuff. So, in answer to my husband; no honey. Not yet.