I want a dog so badly, it hurts! My husband refuses to have another one after going through the experience of putting our beloved Indiana Jones down after thirteen and half years of joy. All he remembers is the tears we cried as we said goodbye. We had let him live too long; he was crippled with arthritis and had lost most of his hair. He was a stoic dog; his hearing and vision was intact and he hadn’t lost control of his bladder. But that day, our wedding anniversary mind you, he howled non stop and we knew he was in pain. He had led a good life.

It’s been four years. The house is too quiet with everyone going their separate ways. I miss going for a walk with a dog. When I would walk Indy, I met some really nice people and he loved everyone of them. I knew my neighborhood and the gossip. I still walk the neighborhood but people don’t talk to you if you are by yourself. They wave, but that’s about it.

I think I’ll take the advice of my one neighbor….just go get one!