LoisKaszniaIt has been a productive week! I finished the first copy of my new book. Now comes the cleaning up part; making sure I’m consistent, check my head hopping, active voice and cohesiveness. I like this part as well as writing it. Yahoo!

Then, I had a scary thing happen to me this week. People are crazy! I went to my local grocery store and there is a clerk who is over fifty and very flirty. He is also very annoying. He always teases me and my daughter by calling us ‘sisters’ because we look so much alike. We try to avoid him at all costs but I don’t think he’s the sharpest tool in the shed, if you get my drift.

I was by myself and I had a splitting headache. He followed me out to my car in the excuse to get carts back into the store. He is yakking up a blue streak and I quickly ducked into my car just to get rid of him. I started to pull out slowly and I saw a black car behind me. It looked like it had stopped and I had enough room to finish pulling out. I did and the next thing I know, they are laying on the horn. I’ve been in enough accidents to know when I’ve hit something and I know I didn’t hit them. I shrugged my shoulders and took off. The next thing I knew, they started to chase me down the busy highway and pulled up next to me saying, “You hit my car!” I pulled over to the nearest parking lot with them right behind me. It was an elderly Asian couple with their grandchildren. I explained that I didn’t hit them. He looked at his car (brand new Lexus) and there was nothing there. I looked at my car (2002) and there was nada! We then went our separate ways but by now I was shaking. I hate parking lots!  My husband said I just should’ve driven to the police department with them chasing me, Duh, I didn’t think of it at the time. Now I know!