It was a glorious week…filled with rain and cool temps for the month of July. I see a lower electric bill and also my beautiful summertime plants are very happy. Also, the weather forced me to concentrate on my writing which I did plenty.

Also, I read about three books and I am now very good about doing reviews. I try to find the good in things. I might not like a book, but that doesn’t make the author bad. So, one of the books I read this week, I thought was really good. Romance, lots of angst between the hero and heroine, so I went to Amazon to write my review, I checked the other reviews only to see that they had only given this author one star…really? Did we read the same book? I thought it was really good.

Then I thought about movie reviews and such. One of the movies I want to see was rated as a D minus. Is that going to change my mind about going to see it? I’d like to make my own decision, thank you.

Then, I read the review about Beyonc√©’s Dallas concert where the reviewer just totally trashed her. Did he have to?

Then, I admit, I am addicted to TMZ as being my one hour of down time. This Friday’s episode dealt with people’s reaction to Harvey and Charles. I can’t believe the hateful things people wrote about to them about them.

I guess I belong to a lost generation who tries to find the good in life. I think it’s called, Pollyana.