It’s raining! Yahoo! I can’t tell you when the last time we had rain. The good thing is, this system will hang around for a couple of days. We are down over five inches for the year.

The news this morning has been relentless; Zimmerman acquitted, riots going on all over, Glee star found dead in Vancouver. I think I might go back to bed!

I am still dog sitting for my neighbor. Cute dog, but as usual, the dog isn’t eating very well. Out of the three days I’ve been seeing her, she has had one bowl of dog food and maybe three carrot sticks? I know my dog didn’t eat well when he was in the kennel, so I think it’s their way of grieving of being left home alone. She hides in her kennel even though I’ve turned on the television to watch a show hoping she would come out. She will come out to look at me and then runs back to her kennel and looks so sad. I’m a sucker when it comes to animals.

I am getting close to finishing the draft of my book in progress. I am so excited! I actually got the idea of how to end it in the middle of the night. Two am, to be precise! I ran upstairs to my office and wrote for a good two hours until I started getting sleepy, but that’s probably the best time to write. Of course my family thinks I’ve gone off the deep end. You know? They could be right!