As I blogged last week, my office was in the process of being painted. It is finally done. Painted that is. My husband took a morning of golf today and it was well deserved. When he gets back, he will hang pictures, put my bookcases back and then I finally will have an office in working form. What has been most detrimental is I haven’t been able to write since this started. While unpacking my bookcases, I stumbled upon an unused diary for writers that my sister in law had given me back in 2002 when I wrote my first book. Using that, I have been able to jot down ideas and thoughts that I would normally type on my laptop.

You ask, why can’t you hang the pictures yourself? Well, you haven’t met my husband. I have not mastered his skill of measuring the wall with a ruler and marking the center of the wall with a pencil mark. The pictures themselves are then measured and then marked exactly where they are to put on the wall. After the pictures have been hung, a level is used to make sure the pictures are hung correctly. God forbid the wall is crooked which we have found a lot of times is the case!

Well anyway, I’m back in business!