I have been working really hard on my next book, Flag on the Play. I have struggled to come up with the ending. I think I have it and then when I read it the next day, I don’t like it. Since it is about the NFL, which I love, I really don’t know as much as I think I do. I’ve bounced around ideas with my husband who I thought is a walking sports encyclopedia and he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind when I ask him some questions. His response after the first couple of questions is to look it up online. Thanks a lot!

The thing is, I’m close to finishing it. Then comes the rewriting making sure that it comes across the way I wanted it to. After that, my daughter armed with her infamous red pen, will read it. We have learned not to be mad at each other after this step. The first book, we didn’t talk for days. The second book, we got to only being mad at each other for a day.

Then, I’ll let my friends look at and see what they have to say. After that, I will submit it! I hope my editor will like it!

But it’s an upcoming holiday and I’ll be busy trying to find time to write. The reason why? My husband took Wednesday off and we’re going to repaint my Woman Cave. It’s the smallest room in the house but it still means that I have to move all my treasured books, four bookcases of them, my desk, printer, chairs and various plants out, so that we can paint.

My husband is a very careful painter. What would normally take a painter one day to finish, my husband can take up to four days to paint. Of course, I’ve been fired as his helper. I do not have his patience and paint on the wall looks good to me. Not so! First day, is taping. Second day, is doing the trim work and then the first coat on the walls. Third day is taking a naked light bulb and looking for streaks and the second coat of paint. Nope! One coat of paint is not good enough! Fourth day, I can move everything back in. This takes us to Saturday where we’ve been invited to a pool party at our friend’s house. Hopefully, we will be talking to each other by the time we arrive. Sunday will definitely be a day of rest. Oh no, wait. It will be time to mow the lawn again. Silly me!