It’s funny how the little things can cause arguments. This week’s argument in our marriage has been lawn mowing

When we were first married and bought our first house, my in laws surprised us with a push lawn mower. I have to tell you back then, I only weighed ninety six pounds. This mower weighed more than that, so mowing the lawn became my husband’s job.

You have to understand that he is obsessed with the lawn. It has to be perfect. His grandmother and mother would actually cut the lawn with scissors between mows. Yup. They would get on their hands and knees to get those little stinkers of grass blades that seemed to pop up over night and make the lawn appear unruly.

When we moved to PA, we had an acre of land on a mountain. That mower didn’t cut it. What happened is that my husband’s new job took him all over the country and the chore became up to me. I really did try with that cumbersome mower but I almost landed up in the ER. Thank goodness, we lived next door to a retired doctor who treated me on the scene and saved me a ton of money.

With that scare, we did go out and buy a riding mower. I LOVED it! I still am a tomboy at heart. We actually had fights about who was going to mow.

With the move to Dallas, we sold the tractor before we moved because according to my husband, we would not find a yard as big as we had in the places he had been looking at. Wrong! We bought one half acre. We have no storage shed, so my husband bought a self propelled push mower. I don’t know about your house, but in ours, once you do something, it’s your responsibility.

I hate mowing in this heat. I have to be careful not to dehydrate and faint. It’s summer in Texas and hot! When we got home from our five day trip, my husband decided the lawn looked like a jungle. I was supposed to mow first thing Monday, but it rained. Then the heat index shot up to 100 degrees. No way.  Come Tuesday, it rained again all day. So Wednesday was the day. Armed with my sweatband, camel pack for water, frog towel, I started to mow with the intent of doing it twice. First round at a high setting and the second round at a lower setting. I barely made it through the first round. Second round wasn’t happening. I thought I was going to die.

I jumped into our pool to cool off, only to find a dead snake in our pool. I don’t do snakes…dead or alive. I jumped out of there so fast, I think I set a record.

My husband tried to understand but as each day passed and the lawn didn’t get it’s second mow. He finally broke down today and is mowing. He’s not real pleased with me but I’ll reassure him that I did save us money for me not landing up in the ER due to a heat stroke!