What a whirlwind! Just got back from a five day trip to our old stomping ground of Reading, PA. Run into a lot of old friends and neighbors. Had a wonderful time but as usual, didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to.

Hopefully, I sold more of my books.  I ran into people who hadn’t realized I had two books out there, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Did a lot of clothes shopping while out there. There’s no sales tax on clothes, food or medicine. Here in the Dallas area we pay 9.25%. We bought a suitcase out there, so I was able to fill the empty one up with lots of goodies!

So now it’s back to reality and dealing with life. But the most important thing is to get back to my writing. People laugh at me when I am out and about because I always jot down ideas with pen and paper. You never know, right?