My pet peeve is people giving you advice with out asking. I’m the type of person who tries not to judge people too quickly because I don’t know all of their circumstances.

My husband loves to play golf. I know that and I have accepted it. While he golfs, I’m either reading or writing. I don’t have to be with him every minute for me to be happy. I can’t tell you how many women have commented on it. I should in turn go out on a spending spree, etc. Really?

There are only three of us in our family aside from cousins, aunts and uncles and sisters. They are all over, mostly in Illinois, Arizona and Canada. Not Dallas. We three are close and usually do things together. Our daughter moved down here to be with us in Dallas when she graduated from college with a masters degree in Communications. She just now found a job and is trying to save money to move to her own apartment. She lives with us while trying to achieve this goal. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on the fact that she still lives with us. Big deal. She’s a good person who is trying to get her life started in today’s tough economy. So what if she’s not married? She is in no hurry.

So the people giving me the advice on my life are either divorced or single. The people giving me advice on my daughter have adult children who are not role models; divorced, spent time in jail or their adult children have totally messed up their lives. I don’t think I’m going to take the advice. I know what makes my world happy and I’m sticking to my guns!