I am totally stressed out! I mentioned that I have been taking care of my friend’s two cats. She has been gone now for close to 11 days. This means getting up early because the cats have to be fed by seven at the latest and then back again at four. They are cute and fun but I feel so guilty when I’m leaving. Two sets of big green eyes staring at me soulfully while I lock up the door. I just don’t have that much time to give to them.

Then my notebook died. Granted it was old and a gift from my sister, but still. I hate when things break down. I had been writing for close to two hours and saved the document every now and then when all of a sudden, my screen went black. I think I hyperventilated at that point. Taking deep breaths to calm myself down, I tried to reboot it and nothing happened, I let it sit for a while and I glared at it (like that would help, right?) and then went to use my daughter’s laptop also a present from my sister.  Two hours later, I tried again and the message read that windows is not able to start and then I got a blue screen and then black. We really didn’t want to buy a new notebook because we have had a lot of unexpected car bills but it’s been three years since I’ve had a new computer.

My husband graciously took me to Best Buy on Saturday and I picked out one of the least expensive models but they only sell Windows 8. I haven’t been paying much attention to the new technology like I normally would since I no longer work as a Help Desk Analyst. BIG mistake! I am so lost and all I did was panic. It took me three hours to install Office. I’m thinking how long will it take to install everything else? So this is my Sunday duties so that I can be up and running by Monday.  By the way, I lost five pages of writing. 🙁