It’s Mother’s Day and I’m ready to go back to bed to start over! I am ‘cat’ watching my friend’s two cats while she is on a much needed vacation. The one cat, is a senior female and it very ‘cat’ like; aloof. The other cat is a young male who is very outgoing and friendly. He eats everything and I mean everything. Problem is, you have to watch what he eats because he has food allergies.

I started watching them on Saturday night and the senior cat ate a little and then ran upstairs and hid. I waited for her to maybe come back down but she never did. I put her food away.

This morning, I tried to feed her and she sniffed the food and ran back upstairs and wouldn’t come down. I waited patiently but nothing. Now I’m worried. I’m used to watching dogs who eat all the time. I love animals and I don’t want anything to happen to her on my watch! For the record, the other cat is fine!

I came home, stubbed my toe and it hurts! I went to print an article and my NEW printer isn’t working. I went to go back to bed and it’s one of the few times my husband has made our bed. He did it for me because it’s Mother’s Day. I guess getting more sleep is not on the agenda for today!

Friday night, my family went to the neighboring town to watch the Drum and Bugle Corp perform which was very touching. A lot of the musicians/fireman came from the town of West, where there had been that deadly explosion. Barely a dry eye in the crowd.  While I sat there, a lady came up to me and asked, “Aren’t you Lois Kasznia? I just loved your book, Play for Me.”  I nearly fell off of my chair. I thanked her again and again.

To all the mom’s out there…Happy Mother’s Day!