What a crazy week! It started out slow on Monday, then our company came. They left on Wednesday and I started to write. Well, that didn’t last long! In the mail on Wednesday, we received a letter from our bank about a great refinance opportunity and after many calls back and forth with the banker, we said yes. I had to pull all sorts of documentation to present to the banker on Friday to get the ball rolling. Our meeting lasted an hour…I thought I talked fast, but this banker put me to shame. Really nice, bright guy. After our meeting, I did some quick grocery shopping, came back, mowed the lawn (great ab exercise) and then made dinner.

On Saturday, I promised my daughter that I would take her to the Shops at Legacy in Plano to look for a dress for an upcoming wedding. The thing is, where we live? There are shops galore but she wanted something “different”. Beautiful mall but very pricey. By the time we got home, we both were exhausted and empty handed.

The weather was nice yesterday afternoon and all of our neighbors were out. We rarely see them because of conflicting schedules. We got on the subject of sprinklers and one of them pointed out to us, that one of our sprinklers was not working properly. So before I know it, I’m on a trip to Lowes and our next project is to tackle the sprinklers. Of course, that was after the Derby but by the time we were done, it was nine.

So, I’m sitting at my laptop with a great cup of green tea, relaxing…for the moment.