Company is coming today! Our aunt and uncle from Phoenix are stopping by for a couple of days to visit. They are in San Antonio for their grandson, Danny’s graduation at the AFB which is a really good thing. I am glad he is finding his path in life. He’s had a rough life so this is a good thing.

But you know, I sacrificed a “writing” day to clean the house for company and it never ceases to amaze me how my hard work can be destroyed in less than two days. Dirty dishes left in rooms that shouldn’t be used for dining,  newspapers strewn all around, partially worn clothes draped over chairs…really? Needless to say, my family is not talking to “the evil woman” that woke up this morning and have been told that I better change my attitude when the company arrives. Which ticked me off even further!

I finally met our new neighbors: they are from Flower Mound and the wife is a teacher at one of our local elementary schools. What a great person and I’m kind of in awe of her. They have three young daughters and two dogs who are adorable. I am pleased.

Also, my publisher, Lazy Day Publishing, released a lot of awesome books these last couple of weeks. I really like the cover art on all of them as well as the authors themselves. Great works!

Happy Spring 🙂