This has been some week! Between Boston, West, TX and the flooding in the midwest, it certainly has tried our nation’s souls. I think Friday was the most tense day, following the search for suspect number 2. I found myself riveted to the television watching the play by play. Granted, I should have been working but the phone kept ringing asking me for updates from friends who did not have access to the television.

Here is Dallas, I watch a local news station because I really like all of their anchors. I also follow them on Facebook.They recently hired a new part time weather forecaster who is a young, energetic and a bright person. The first week she was here, she was criticized for being a little overweight which I thought was terrible. She is only in her upper twenties and was very hurt by that person’s remarks. I friended her on Facebook to tell her not to let those kind of remarks get to her because people can say such nasty things. You know, author? Book reveiws?

She usually works the weekend shift and on Saturdays, they have a segment on animals for adoption. She loves animals and is usually very good with them. This Saturday, there was a Siamese cat who didn’t want anything to do with anybody. You know how cats can get if they don’t want to be held. This one didn’t want any part of her and clawed at her getting his claws caught onto her necklace. She tried to untangle his claw and he ended up biting her. She smiled through the whole ordeal and you could see she was holding back her tears. Granted this is live TV! You wouldn’t believe the number of comments on her Facebook page criticizing her on how she handled the situation. Why can’t people abide by the old motto, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it?