I have been actively writing and enjoying it. However, now that I’m on a roll, things are happening as if to prevent me from writing. There have been changes in everyone’s work schedules, cars breaking down, treadmills acting up, heart pills being misplaced, unexpected appointments in the middle of the day. Everything has ended well (except the car which has yet to be worked out, for my friend Barbara who would definitely understand!), but I tell you. Just when you think life is going on smoothly, well. Don’t take that for granted!

I am excited because my neighbor who just got the cutest husky, Milo has asked me to watch him next weekend. I have been jonesing for a husky for close to four years now, so this is like a dream come true. He is not a puppy; he is four years old but has the sweetest personality. My husband wants to warn them that when they come back, Milo might be living at my house….

My exercise program is doing well. I walked ten miles yesterday which is an accomplishment for me. Took in a local craftshow at a church along the way and wondered why people were staring at me. Then it dawned on me; running shorts, tank t-shirt, no purse and church. Not too smart, Lois!

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