I really like Goodreads. I have met or should I say ‘friended’ with some really awesome authors. My eyes have been opened to so many works that I have been reading heavily these past couple of weeks.

Also, my writer’s block is gone which is a good thing. I do have lots of stories in my head that I need to get out on paper, per se. Hopefully, you will read them?

Weatherwise, it hasn’t been too nice out here in the Dallas area. We’ve had a lot of cool days and I hope it doesn’t jump to 90 all of a sudden. I’m anxious to start my garden but already the weather forecast for this week is looking at some 40’s as a low. Why is it that weeds never seem to mind the cold?

This week, my husband announced he is okay with getting another dog. I am THRILLED. I have been dogless since we put our beloved Siberian Husky, Indiana Jones, down close to four years ago. He was thirteen and a half and had muscular issues to the point where he couldn’t walk anymore. This happened on our wedding anniversary, a Sunday. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and my husband swore he would never do this again. No more pets. My daughter and I have been chipping away at him and when he saw our neighbor rescue a husky, well…Yahoo!!!