As a writer, I find the time to actually sit down to write  is decreasing as of late. I want to lock myself away in a room with no phones, no internet, no nothing but me and the laptop. On Good Friday, I had fifteen calls from telemarketers and then I had calls to make as well. The weekend was a holiday with no time for personal time. This morning while I was in the shower, I had three messages and this was before 9 am!

So, I packed up my laptop and headed to the library for some ‘me’ time. Problem is, the library is no longer the quiet sanctuary it used to be. I guess ours wants to be ‘kid” friendly to encourage them to come here. Today, the librarian is teaching a senior citizen how to use a computer in a louder than normal voice because the lady is hard of hearing.

I know!  I will book a two week vacation to Hawaii to sit on the beach and write!  In my dreams, right? I think all I can afford is a really good pair of ear plugs!