Still on a technology challanged roll here. We have Verizon Fios, like I’ve said before. We had issues with our Internet and received a new router. I haven’t been able to install it yet because it is connected to my husband’s pc and he hasn’t done our taxes just yet and the list of excuses runs on. I have found out that if I bring my laptop downstairs next to the router, I can connect to the Internet and run back upstairs and I’m good. Hopefully, I’ve lost a couple of pounds with all of the running up and down the stairs?

So this week, I got an email from Verizon telling me that there will be a change to several of their HD programs and the box we have won’t be able to access these programs. Hmmm. I am not the television watcher in the family. I’d rather read a book. So I forwarded the email to my husband and he freaked out because the programs are ESPN. Just for the record, my husband, whom I love to death, is a die hard sports fan. He watches ALL sports. He takes at least a half hour alone to get through the sports section of the daily newspaper. Needless to say, the new box arrived Friday.

We have four televisions in the house. Two are HD and the other two date back to the early 2000’s. The one HD is in my exercise room and the other is in the family room. Logically, we are thinking it’s the one in the family room and my husband makes us watch all of the shows we have dvr’d because by switching the box, you lose your shows. Okay, that took a while. Only to find out that the box is really for the TV in my exercise room. The television that is only on for an hour while I do my exercise routine. My husband turned to me and said,” See? Now you can keep up with all the sports updates!” Really?