This has been a challenging couple of days….I will first start with our Internet issues. We have Verizon Fios for our landline, TV, cell phone and internet services. The router is about four years old, the same unit we’ve had since we’ve moved in. It’s anchored to my husband’s desktop. My office is upstairs and my little notebook has always worked. However, last week it didn’t, so I called Verizon and a very nice lady walked me through how to reset the router. It worked! Sure enough, a couple of days later, it stopped. Once again I called Verizon and was on the phone with them for an hour when they determined I did need a new router.  You see, I worked help desk for three years so I’m pretty much tech savvy when it comes to things like this so if I say there is a problem, I get a little upset when people don’t believe me. The new one came so I will hook it up soon. I found out that if I logon downstairs, I get the connection. I can quickly run upstairs and it will last for a while. When it goes out, I run downstairs to get reconnected. At least I’m getting my exercise.

Next! I will never own a house with a pool again. For the last four years, everyone who has come out to service the pool has told us we need a new control panel. Somehow, these people have jerryrigged it to work. Not so this year. The panel was not getting any electrical current. So we bit the bullet, breaking out budget and had the new one installed on Friday. The technician could not get the lights to work. He said the circuit is not on the home’s breaker, it has another breaker. Where is it? I know I looked like a deer in the headlights but I have no clue! The previous owners are the ones who had the pool installed, not us. So, now he is coming back with his supervisor to see if they can correct the problem. $$$$$ Oh, by the way? While running the new board, we have found three more leaks in the o rings and the motor that runs bubbles in the spa? It’s dead. $$$$$

Dallas is having a spell of cold weather so when I got up this morning, I noticed it was a little chilly. I didn’t think anything of it because we are on a slab and it’s usually chilly in the mornings. The longer I sat at the table reading the newspaper, it became colder. I looked at the thermostat…64? We have it set at 68. This is the new system we had installed in October when the hail storm ruined our a/c unit outside. My husband, God bless his soul, came  out of the shower and asked why it was so cold? Reset the breaker and the heat came back on. Maybe there is a gremlin in our breaker box?

This is where I get ideas for my books. From my life!