I am SO excited! I received the final edits over the weekend and Play for Me will be released on 2/13/2013! Look for it on www.lazydaypub.com, www.amazon.com, and www.bn.com.

I have desperately trying to lose some weight that had the nerve to sneak up on me over the holidays. It is so frustrating because I have cut down on a lot. For those of you who really know me, I hardly eat as it is, so for me to cut down, you’re probably asking, ‘what are you eating?’ I have medication I take at night for my SVT and I should not take it on an empty stomach. I found myself having a little ‘something’ with the pill. Then I realized I was still full from dinner and there isn’t any need for me to eat something.

I exercise an hour a day as it is before breakfast but I guess my body is so used to it now, it doesn’t matter. The weather has been unusually warm here in Texas, so I’ve added an hour walk to my routine. I haven’t been on a scale lately, but I can feel some weight loss in my ‘fat’ jeans which is encouraging.  My husband does not understand and can’t figure out why I just don’t buy new clothes in a bigger size. NO!!

Wish me luck!