It was a milestone for me this weekend!  I received my copy edits for Play for Me last Tuesday and I finished them a day early and sent them in on Sunday. The editor has such great ideas and suggestions. I really appreciated them.

I am working on my next book, doing research and such. I am at the library again. Even though it is a school day, there are tons of college students here who have taken the tables with the electrical outlets.  Also, there is a reading program going on for toddlers. Some have escaped, but I don’t understand why the library personnel doesn’t reprimand the parents of screaming toddlers. People come ot the library to work. Next time, I will bring ear plugs.

Since I majored in music, I cannot listen to music and write. I have tried but I listen to every note, chord, transition and find myself so wrapped up in the music, I can’t concentrate on my writing. Which is why I come to the library because someone is always listening to music in our house.

Crazy weather around here. We’ve been having spring temps; in the upper 60’s and 70’s. My outside plants are very confused…..the daffodils and tulips are coming up….in January?