First off, Happy Birthday to our cousin Kristin! Also well wishes to cousin Paul who had a heart attack on Friday. He’s only 48!  I hope he is doing well after emergency surgery.

So today, I was all ready to get down to work when McAffee decided to run a scan. I usually do it on Mondays, so why today? I cancelled the scan and then it decided to do updates. Let me tell you, it really slows down my computer. Waited that out and then Windows decided to run updates and needed to reboot the computer. So, I asked if this was a sign from God that I should be doing something else?

It is a beautiful day outside with temps in the upper 60’s. I think I will take a walk to take advantage of this nice weather. Then, I will go back to work. I had some active dreams last night and jotted down some ideas for my next book.

Football today, though. Torn about the later game…we shall see!

Have a great day!