I felt like the Chevy Chase movie, the one with the Christmas lights…my husband worked really hard on putting the outside Christams lights in a new design. We tested them out on Monday and because of the amount of lights, it did cause a problem Our televisions, phone and internet kept freezing. Not actually losing power but kind of like when your computer freezes. Since it was dark, he just unplugged them and said he would deal with it later. Then I went to get a drink out of the fridge only to find out my dishwasher (only three years old and of course out of the warranty) had overflowed onto the kitchen floor.

So the next morning, I called the appliance center who advised me to unplug it. Really? I asked for a service man to come out. He did the next day and was thoroughly stumped because he couldn’t find anything wrong. He said the dishwasher cycle is like a computer processor and if there was a power surge and the dishwasher was not shut down properly, it would run into a loop.  Aha! So, ninety-six dollars later, the Christmas lights were “rearranged”.

Then I really got excited when I received an email from my publisher that my second book Play for Me is on it’s way to the editor. The release date is late January/early February 2013.

My sister from Toronto, my nephews and their wife and girlfriend are coming to Dallas this week. I haven’t seen them in two years and this will be the first meeting with Brad’s girlfriend Sam. They have never been to Dallas and I can’t wait to show them around!