It’s a beautiful day outside today, so I’m trying to be optimistic even though there is some not nice news. My brother-in-law is sick and he finally agreed to go to the doctor. Flu like symptoms even though he had a flu shot. Next, is talk of potential layoffs due to lackluster sales. Ugh!

I love Texas but not all of the reptile critters. I chased a gecko out of my living room yesterday. I didn’t kill him because I know he eats bugs but can he please stay outside? Then when I went to water my pansies, there was a dead snake in my pool. EWWW!

I love meeting new people. Yesterday while watching football at the bar, we sat with a lovely couple that we just clicked. He is a pilot and his wife is from Venezuela. I loved hearing her talk. Turns out she’s Italian just like me and we swapped childhood stories. I know my husband was a little miffed that I wasn’t paying attention to the game and we lost but it was a great time.

I am going to pray for my brother-in-law as well as the not being laid off status.

Back to writing!