Got through my birthday, great lunch with my friend, Linda, thanks! Received the questionaire about my cover art for the publication for my second book, Play for Me. Now I’m really excited!  Mowed, cleaned the house, worked, ran errands…whew!

Spoke to my relatives in New Jersery, DC and New York. They are fine, just frustrated without power and phone service. They all teased me about how good my timing was from moving from PA to Texas:)

But the strangest event was my trip to Barnes and Noble book store. Since they always have different cashiers, I always tell them about When the Runway Went South. and how they can view it on their nook.  I didn’t think anything about it and I exited the store to my car. A lady started calling my name and was running after me. Startled, I turned around and this lady handed me her business card. She is a struggling author who is trying to get published. After speaking with her, our genres are totally different and I tried to help her. You see, I read everything. Being the anal person I am, I have kept an Excel worksheet of every book I’ve ever read; the author, title ,genre, publisher and editor information if available. She looked at my list in surprise but I told her to try the publishers who did support her genre. She told me what a great idea it was to keep a list I’ve done and I’m thinking to myself..duh…Lois. You should get some business cards printed up as well!