It’s a beautful rainy Saturday here in Texas. We haven’t seen this kind of rain in a while, so it is a welcome sight!

However, I’m very excited about the State Fair of Texas! It has awesome fried food (my once a year indulgence), great shows and events. It started Friday and will last for three weeks. The weather (with the exception of today) will be awesome; highs in the low 80’s and lows in the 60’s. Can’t wait to go!

I grew up in Springfield, Ill, the state captial of Illinois. I would go to the State Fair there in August. It was so hot, it was not unusual for someone to pass out. I remember they had great Lemon Shake ups, though!

So at the State Fair of Texas, we will go get our coupons for food, watch the dog show, maybe the pig races (awesome names for the contestants), watch the Marine Corps band, definitely the car show and then sit back and catch this awesome Celtic Rock band, The Kildeares! It’s well worth it! Hope all y’all will get to experience it! 🙂